There are so many ways the GhostPractice system will help streamline your activities and automate your work processes.  From lawyers, clerks and paralegals, to bookkeepers, office managers and secretarial staff, GhostPractice will reduce the time it takes to complete tasks at every level of your firm.

Some of the many features of GhostPractice that improve law firm efficiency include:

  • Automated Document Generation
  • Milestone Templates
  • Automated Time Entry Prompts
  • Electronic Bank Reconciliations
  • Automated Exception Reports by Email
  • Electronic Payment Requisitions
  • Easy to Follow File Intake Form
  • Static Matter Transaction History Views
  • Template Matter Process Steps
  • And Many Many More…

See what some of our customers have said on the subject of being more productive and efficient after implementing GhostPractice:

“Productivity is significantly increased by reducing demanding administrative functions, inefficiencies and duplication.”
– 10+ user firm


“GhostPractice offered one system for the whole practice. This meant that all departments are seamlessly connected in real time.”
– 20+ user firm


“We now use less paper and are more productive.  Hunting down the file is a thing of the past.”
– 40+ user firm


“There is nothing more satisfying than at the end of the day seeing the work you have done during the course of the day has been recorded and captured and ready to be billed as and when you wish to do so.”
– 50+ user firm


“The standardization, processes and the checks and balances which have been put in place has made the bookkeeping department more efficient and cost effective.”
– 100+ user firm


“Over the last year I have been working on the program I have been able to see a large improvement in our working environment as the pressure of month end has been lifted to a great extent.”
– 20+ user firm


“Month ends are completed timeously and effortlessly and the extensive reporting system allows us to keep track of our collection matters and outstanding fees.”
– 10+ user firm


“We have utilized the system for a little over a month and have found that we are able to manage the practice more efficiently.”
– 20+ user firm


“Productivity has increased as everything can be done from the comfort of your seat, debt recovery has increased as the financial information is readily available and it is much easier to control bad debts.”
– 60+ user firm


“The reports are also a great help and user friendly, Mr. Bennett and I have got to the stage where we now can follow up on a lot of things without having to go the long road.
– 10+ user firm


“Bank reconciliations are done on a daily basis by bookkeepers timelessly.”
– 30+ user firm


“After being on the GhostPractice system for eight months now we are more than happy with the huge impact it has made in allowing us to manage our practice more efficiently.”
– 30+ user firm

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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