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In addition to developing world-class and highly acclaimed products at GhostPractice, we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering exceptional service to our clients.  But don’t take our word for it…, read what our clients have written about our professional services below.

No other practice managment software I have used previously has even come close to the level of customer support provided by GP.

- 5+ User Small Firm

Our experience implementing GhostPractice only reinforced our conviction that no one provides the level of customer service that you do. Your team was amazingly attentive to all of our needs and delivered exactly the kind of training we needed to hit the ground running.

- 100+ User Personal Injury Firm

The support and help we receive, even a year after implementation, is outstanding and we have not for one second regretted our decision to use the system.

- 5+ User Firm

The entire process went without any problems, from training our staff to having a consultant on site through to the final sign off and “go live” – Korbitec truly delivered on their promise of excellence.

- 10+ User Firm

We expected this to be a difficult procedure but with your staff is was much easier and smoother than we could ever have anticipated.

- 10+ User Firm

We acknowledge, in particular, the focused, efficient and extremely professional manner in which the installation, customization and training occurred.

- 10+ User Firm

Beyond the GhostPractice product, the large, professional GhostPractice team have a significant and plausible skill set where sales, implementers, bookkeepers, project staff and management remain constantly involved and invested to ensure Hammond Pole continually improve and evolve.

- 100+ User Firm

Apart from the fantastic features and benefits of this product, the support provided by all members of Korbitec during the implementation, conversion and after sales service was at all times exceptional and certainly distinguishes this product from the rest.

- 10+ User Firm

You guys have been an amazing team to work with…I can say nothing but positives about GhostPractice.

- 40+ User General Practice Firm

Finally, the thing we find most valuble with respect to GhostPractice is the support and the relationship we have established with you and your team. The level of support and commitment we get from GhostPractice far exceeds other software providers.

- 20+ User Personal Injury Firm

The service from the GhostPractice team, by comparison, is exceptional. In fact, it’s unfair to even compare it to the others.

- 10+ User Firm

We trust that, as we go along, our firm will continue to grow and develop further with GhostPractice. It has been an absolute pleasure working with all their employees whom showed only the utmost expertise and excellence in their field.

- 10+ User Firm

Most of all, we have never experienced service levels like this. The GhostPractice team is extremely passionate about ensuring the system delivers measurable benefits to our firm.

- 50+ User Firm

The GhostPractice team (from the initial sales, contract, training and additional services) are a professional and passionate outfit. GhostPractice offered a solid implementation process to make sure that we were trained thoroughly with minimal time wasting. It is the implementation process that has contributed to the successful running of our business.

-10+ User Firm

From the management and the staff of Hopane Attorneys we are proud to be a part of the GhostPractice Family and will gladly, and with firm conviction, recommend the program and the dedicated team that comes with it.

- 10+ User Firm

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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