Increased Profits

Our clients have benefited on average an increase of 30% to their bottom-line profits after implementing the GhostPractice system. Whether capturing more billable time or identifying areas for improved practices, GhostPractice helps you drive your practice in the direction of being more efficient and more profitable.

“Productivity is significantly increased by reducing demanding administrative functions, inefficiencies and duplication.”
-10+ User Firm

Improved Efficiency

There are so many ways the GhostPractice system will help streamline your activities and automate your work processes. From lawyers, clerks and paralegals, to bookkeepers, office managers and secretarial staff, GhostPractice will reduce the time it takes to complete tasks at every level of your firm.

“We have achieved a 300% return on the total monthly investment cost of GhostPractice.”
– 30+ User Firm

Better Business Intelligence

GhostPractice has hundreds of management reports full of key data metrics on your financials and work productivity. No need to wait for month end reports, GhostPractice provides you with real time information when and where you need it, in order to give you the power to make the most informed decisions for your business.

“We learned a tremendous amount about our business and there is no doubt that the business is far better off after our successful implementation of GhostPractice.”
-50+ User Firm

Improved Client Service

With all your clients matter information at your fingertips, GhostPractice enables you to respond to your client’s needs faster. No more waiting for others to get back to you with the information your client needs.

“It is an invaluable business tool which has improved our cash flow and service.”
– 10+ User Firm

Exceptional Service

Our seasoned team of industry experts are with you every step of the way. Whether before, during, or after your implementation, our team will stay with you – side by side – to ensure you are getting the results you expect, and more.

“We now use less paper and are more productive. Hunting down the file is a thing of the past.”
– 100+ User Firm

Flexible and Customizable

Every firm is different and has its own unique set of practices that makes it stand out from the rest. GhostPractice gives you the flexibility to customize the application to meet the specific needs of your firm and work the way you do.

“The service from the GhostPractice team, by comparison, is exceptional. In fact, it’s unfair to even compare it to the others.”
– 10+ User Firm

“Thank you GhostPractice for such an awesome system. It makes it so much easier.”
– 100+ User Firm

Easy to Use

Our intuitive design helps firms get up and running, and stay running, both quickly and smoothly for all different types of users. Automated workflows and complicated accounting practices are simplified to make things easier and more efficient.

“Staff took to the new system like fish to water.”
– 10+ User Firm

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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