40+ User Firm

GhostPractice provides the ease of finding information and being able to generate reports instantaneously. Having used previous software where it would take almost a day to generate some reports, this is a huge timesaver.”

5+ User Firm

There are so many ways GhostPractice makes financial processes and reporting easy and user friendly, including their many reports, which you can pull up at any moment to study the current financial status of your business.”

100+ User Firm

Using GhostPractice reports to track our time and profitability by file type, we pinpointed activities that help our bottom line, and made adjustments to ensure we minimize non-billable activities and work as efficiently as we can for our clients.”

10+ User Firm

The program is more than an accounting system. It has revolutionized our business in file management, document solutions, legal practice management and time recording.”