Billing and Accounting

The financial management features of GhostPractice include general ledger, collections, trust accounting, eBilling, WIP, AP, AR, hundreds of financial reporting tools, and so much more.

One Source

As an integrated front-end/back-end system all in one system, GhostPractice offers the convenience and seamlessness to keep all of your clients, documents, tasks, and other matter details stored in the same place as your billing and accounting information.  No more double data entry, or linking to multiple programs.  All your matter transactions are recorded to give you the most complete and accurate file history.  GhostPractice provides you with one solution, in one application, from one company.

Integrated Electronic Requisitions

Any requisition can reach your finance department electronically, minimizing the need for printing and physically walking down the hall, or to another floor. Automated notes are logged on the file when a requisition is made for audit tracking purposes.

Electronic Bank Reconciliations

This incredible time saver gives you an easy to use tool for matching and comparing bank statements and reconciling all your accounts.

Pre-Bills On Demand

Create draft bills in a batch, or on demand as needed electronically.  Allows each department to bill and invoice clients according to their own specific requirements.

Time and Fee Capture

Automated time entries and fee capture prompts will ensure that every task is accounted for in GhostPractice in real time and appear in your WIP instantly.

Debt Collections

GhostPractice has an incredibly advanced set of tools designed specifically for debt collections and recovery.  It’s easy to bulk import data, take bulk actions on multiple matters, and create automated “promise to pay” reminders.  Also, generate many detailed reports like individual debt recovery status and debtor summary statements for your clients with a simple click.

Budget by Branch and Department

Easy allocation of cost centres within your business organization enables you and your team to manage, analyze, and make crucial financial decisions on your entire enterprise.

Management Reports

GhostPractice comes with hundreds of real time reports to meet your business needs.  No more waiting for month end reports to get a perspective on your firm financials.  Every report is customizable and creating new ones is a breeze.

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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