The real power of any Practice Management System comes from the value of the information you can extract out of it.  How this information is organized and presented to you is the real-time intelligence GhostPractice delivers in the form of integral management reports, so you can make smarter business decisions for your law firm.

Some key elements to GhostPractice Management Reports are:

All-in-one System

GhostPractice combines both your front-end case management system with your back-end billing and accounting system, to deliver the most diverse individual, or firm-wide reports on your firm’s business.  GhostPractice provides you with one solution, in one application, from one company.

Real-Time Reports

No need to wait for month end reports, GhostPractice provides you with instant information when and where you need it, in order to give you the power and perspective on your firm financials.  The status of your cash flow will always be known to you every hour of every day.

Hundreds of Pre-Loaded Reports

There are hundreds of real time reports that come pre-loaded into the system to meet your business needs.  Every report is customizable and creating new ones can be as easy as just a few clicks.

Automated Reports

Get the information you need, when you need it, and where you need it, by automatically running reports on a regular basis.  Whether, daily, weekly, or monthly…, your important firm information can be automatically stored for you in an easily accessible location on your network, or GhostPractice will even email them to your inbox.

Business Development

Create mailing lists for both email and direct mail marketing campaigns such as holiday cards and invitations to your important events.

Please see what some of our customers have told us about their experience using the GhostPractice system and the management reports within:


“Management reporting is as powerful as it is flexible. We will be able to manage the business so much better with the GhostPractice reports available at the click of a button.”
– 10+ user firm


“We now have a vast amount of different reports that are readily available and the ability to modify reports to suit our needs (and that of the client) is probably one of the best features of GhostPractice.”
– 20+ user firm


“Reports met my business needs and exceeded them. I get the key reports I need instantly, when I need them.”
– 30+ user firm


“The reporting functions in the program are extensive yet logical and with time, we have selected the daily/weekly/monthly reports that meet our requirements.”
– 40+ user firm


“From a management point of view our practice has been completely transformed. We are now able to access the financial information we require and this has lead to us being able to manage our business more effectively.”
– 50+ user firm


“The reports on the system make for better management and control of our practice as all financial activity is reliable and available at the press of a button and we are in a better position to make decisions.”
– 30+ user firm


“GhostPractice has enabled me to extract reports on processes and work methods which are not financially effective, and eliminate, or adapt them. Coupled to the increased production and cash flow this has lead to increased profits.”
– 100+ user firm


“I’m impressed with the reporting systems and the fact that I can now do proper forecasts so essential to the management of my cash flow in the firm.”
– 20+ user firm


“The reporting functions in GP greatly enhanced both business and practice management.”
– 10+ user firm


“Management is able to draw reports at a click of a button to evaluate the performance of staff and the financial position of the business at any given time.”
– 30+ user firm


“A big benefit of the reporting is that all figures reflect a “real time” picture of the business, with no lag between accounts and the other departments.”
– 20+ user firm


“As a business owner, I am able to make the right decisions quickly and empowered through GhostPractice to make strategic business decisions.”
– 10+ user firm

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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