Case Management

Consolidate all of your file information and work product in one place. As a matter-centric system, GhostPractice provides the information you and your team need to work more effectively on your files to deliver the best and most cost effective service to your clients.

Time and Fee Capture

Automated time entries and fee capture prompts will ensure that every task is accounted for in GhostPractice in real time. Create documents, make appointments, send emails…, GhostPractice will prompt you to record your time for all your activities.

Task and Milestone Management

Stay on top of all your files with the diverse task and milestone management capabilities in GhostPractice. All of your important deliverables will be visible to everyone working on your matters, so nothing will fall through the cracks.

Management Reports

GhostPractice comes with hundreds of real time reports to meet your business needs. No more waiting for month end reports to get a perspective on your firm financials. Every report is customizable and creating new ones is a breeze.

Contact and Client Management

Whether your clients are large corporations with many different branches and departments, or individual people, GhostPractice has the diversity to manage and account for any scale of client. Our business development tools will help you easily manage your contacts individually, or by groups for things like holiday card lists and other marketing campaigns.

Document Automation

Save an abundance of time by generating documents automatically with our document template manager. And for litigation teams, take advantage of our integration with the popular application ACL3 built right within GhostPractice.

Document Management

From invoices to emails, Word docs to scanned images, all of your documents can be safely stored within your matters in GhostPractice for easy retrieval and use.

Microsoft Office Integration

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, GhostPractice has developed all the tools to integrate with the products you use most commonly. Easily assign Outlook emails and calendar appointments to files. All Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents can be saved back to your matters with a simple button click.

ACL Integration

Generate all your court forms directly from within GhostPractice using the popular automated civil litigation software built right into the program!

Moble Application

GhostPractice has an application for your smartphone and tablet so you can record time, fees and file notes on all your matters. The app includes summary report views for your files so you can always review the financial status of any client no matter where you are.

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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