Our customers have experienced an average increase of 30% to their profitability after implementing the GhostPractice system.  Whether capturing more billable time, or identifying areas for improved practices, GhostPractice helps you drive your business in the direction of increased profits and an improved bottom-line.

At GhostPractice, we provide you with so much more than practice management software.  Our team of industry experts and management consultants will help review all your key performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and assist you developing strategies for execution.  This optimization of your business processes will result in the elimination of waste with-in your firm and will enable you to deliver the same volume of work in less time – in turn, increasing your overall capacity to do more.  In addition, by identifying what areas of the business that are profitable versus those areas of the business that are not, GhostPractice will help put you in a position to allocate resources more effectively based on what makes the most sense for your practice.

See what some of our customers have said on the subject of being more profitable after implementing GhostPractice:

“The single most important resultant benefit is the increase in productivity and fees.”
– 30+ user firm

“We have achieved a 300% return on the total monthly investment cost of GhostPractice.”
– 200+ user firm

“Since the implementation of the software, the fees as generated by our firm has increased by 165%.”
– 20+ user firm

“GhostPractice has enabled me to extract reports on processes and work methods which are not financially effective, and eliminate, or adapt them.  Coupled with the increased production and cash flow this has lead to increased profits.”
– 20+ user firm

“We have already noticed an increase in professional fees for users actively using the GhostPractice
– 10+ user firm

“One of the most important factors for us has been the large increase in fees generated due to the detail reflected on the invoices.”
– 30+ user firm

“Having used GP for a year now, we can certainly recommend the package to all attorneys looking to improve their bottom line.”
– 100+ user firm

“Our fees have increased and our entire staff complement: are better off.”
– 10+ user firm 

“I would recommend GhostPractice without hesitation to anyone considering a change/new practice management system, or even anyone trying to improve their profit margins in these tough times.”
– 20+ user firm

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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