RECOMMENDED: No. of Users: 10 or less No. of Users: 10+
Processor (64-bit) Intel i5 Series or better

Xeon Server CPU recommended

Multi-Xeon CPUs Series recommended
Memory 8GB 16GB+
Drives (Size & Configuration) 100GB+ free space (data & backups)

Standard Drive Configuration (OS/DATA)

External Backup Drive or Location

200GB+ free space (data), 500GB+ (backups)

Redundant High-Speed Drives

Separated OS and DATA, Backup Location

Networking 100MBps/1GBps

Workgroup (Peer-to-Peer)/Domain Network


Windows Domain Network + High Speed Internet + Remote Access


Recommended specifications indicate systems that will be more easily supported. Should other hardware already be purchased, please contact us to discuss what the requirements are. A dedicated Server is recommended, and ensures optimal configuration and easier maintenance activities. Existing Servers/Equipment can be used for multiple roles, if the performance is sufficient. Unattended remote access preferred. Local admin access required for installation and running of services.


SQL Server Software

  • A dedicated SQL Server is recommended for any environment. A distinct SQL Instance for GhostPractice on a shared SQL Server is also recommended.
  • Under 10 users: SQL Server Express with Advanced Services. With Express, only 1 GB of RAM will be utilized.
    • SQL 2014 or newer preferred. GhostPractice only supports SQL 2008R2 – SQL 2016 versions.
    • Note that SQL 2012 may be the minimum requirement for some custom features.
  • More than 10 users: Recommend Latest SQL Server Standard (or better) with Advanced Services and Maintenance Tools. Will use more available memory (eg: +10GB) for larger queries and data transactions, and performs better.


SQL Server dynamically loads and allocates the optimal amount of memory (cache) to improve the performance of the database. SQL Server Physical / Virtual Memory should be increased depending on the number of users connecting to the server and versions of Windows software used (See Microsoft site for recommended specifications for Windows products).

Operating System

  • Recommend Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or newer.
    • MUST be 64-bit to take advantage of SQL, MS .NET,  and Memory Management
    • Under 10 users, any modern Windows Operating System may be sufficient. Contact us for details.
    • Operating systems older than Server 2008R2 / Windows 7 SP2 are not supported, as GhostPractice services and components require modern IIS components.
    • Windows must be activated prior to use.
  • The OS can be in a virtualized environment, but dynamically assigned Memory is not recommended for optimal performance for SQL.


For all operating systems, all the latest Microsoft Service Packs are required.

Disk Space Requirements

100GB free disk space (application storage – includes base SQL Server). Initially, the database and software will only consume 10GB or less in most cases, but will grow as data is inserted. As a result, the primary data/document storage and backup databases may consume 500GB+, please ensure a separate backup storage location is available.


A Microsoft Compatible Virtualization Host is supported, such as VMWare or Hyper-V, for cloud computing solutions.




Operating System

Windows 7 Professional SP2 (or better) with latest Service Packs installed. 64-bit is a requirement for large file uploads, in the Document Management tool. Older OSes are not supported.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (or greater) must be installed. Note that this typically comes pre-installed in the latest versions of Windows, but would also have come in as Windows Updates.

Microsoft Office 2010 Pro or higher (recommend latest Office 365 – 2016 Pro Plus)

Microsoft Outlook, Word & Excel is required in order for the GhostPractice COM Plugins to work. Word and Excel can edit GhostPractice documents in the Document Database using the plugins, whereas Outlook can Save&Send Email messages using its plugin. (The plugins allow documents / emails to be archived directly into GhostPractice from within the add-ins menu, and allow the user to docket their time)


  • For Office 2010-2013, the Pre-Interop Assemblies may be required, and typically come installed with a full business-ready copy of MS Office. Office 64-bit versions support large file uploads up to 1GB in size.
  • Outlook 2007 (or earlier) is no longer supported due to features that will no longer work. Microsoft Office 2007 and older may provide limited functionality on some operating systems.
  • Virtualized workstations environments but should be discussed with the implementation team in detail, to understand how users will interact with the product.

(Adobe) PDF Reader

Latest / Modern Version is required to view online documents and reports.



Dual Core CPU (recommended) – Intel i3 Series or better


4 GB RAM (minimum), depending on the number of other software and plugins the requirement might be 8GB.

Display Settings

High resolution capabilities (modern monitor settings). DPI Settings MUST be 100% and not larger, for optimizing the display of the software.


Reliable high-speed connection to the internet is essential to offer Remote Support Assistance. A static IP is recommended, with a Fully-Qualified Domain Name that is accessible externally for Mobile users to function with the advanced services.

Disk Space

2GB+ of free disk space (minimum – excludes space for temporary storage or generated content)

Option of ACL Integration

Generate all your court forms using the popular Automated Civil Litigation software with GhostPractice integration built right into the program! Inquire with us or the ACL Support team.

Mobile Application

GhostPractice has an application for your smartphone and tablet so you can record time, fees and file notes on all your matters. The app includes summary report views for your files so you can always review the financial status of any client no matter where you are. Note the Internet settings above are required in order to function, as well as SSL Certificates. The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store, and a configuration code is generated from within the GhostPractice client software.

GhostPractice offers a means to significantly increase law firm profitability with a unique approach to practice management software.


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